Through the Benchmarking Help Center, BPL has supported the City in its efforts to reduce New York building stock’s carbon footprint through Local Law 84, which requires all buildings 50,000 square feet and above to submit annual energy benchmarking reports, and other transparency policies. The hard work — by City officials, Help Center staff, independent auditors, and most of all, facility managers making strides to comply with the new regulations — has paid off.

A recent study by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association on the impact of the laws found that more than three-quarters of participating facility managers have made operational changes — primarily training for building staff (something we wholeheartedly support!), no longer heating and cooling their buildings simultaneously, and calibrating their Building Automation Systems (another thing we can really get behind). Furthermore, three-quarters of facility managers reported they invested in new equipment.

With better trained staff, properly calibrated BAS, and up-to-date, efficient equipment, we can count on energy savings in these buildings for years to come.

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