Nora Sherman, Director of Communications

Nora comes to BPL with a background in community organizing and web communications. She holds degrees from Tulane University and Trinity College Dublin. Since 2007, she has overseen BPL’s communications and events, organized meetings of the Building Performance Stakeholder Consortium and the Urban Technology Innovation Center BAS Working Group, developed the internship program from its beginnings, and managed a U.S. Department of Energy grant to develop online curriculum in energy-efficiency for commercial asset managers, a partnership with the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute. Currently she serves as BPL’s liaison to the SIBS Center, oversees BOC Maintenance of Certification activities for the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services, and, of course, manages BPL’s communications and publications.

Contact Nora

Phone: 646-660-6978

Email: nora.sherman[at]