Collaboration & Service

As a publicly funded institution, a primary focus of BPL’s work is in providing public services to the city and state that we call home. We have partnered with the City of New York on a number of training, internship, and research initiatives, including the Benchmarking Help Center and Open Collaborative Lab, and we’ve collaborated with nationally-based organizations, such as American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). BPL Director Michael Bobker chaired ASHRAE’s Operations & Maintenance Guideline project committee and was principal author of ASHRAE Guideline 32-2012, “Sustainable, High Performance Operation and Maintenance.” It is a unique resource providing concepts, pathways, and resources for executives, managers, and technicians who are seeking to transform their facility operations.

As New York City embarked on its efforts to reduce carbon emissions 30% by 2030 (known as PlaNYC , Mr. Bobker participated in a year-long USGBC-NY project identifying areas for code revision and new legislation. He drafted and quantified several of the proposals, including one for training for improved building operations and maintenance that has been identified for early implementation.  With our longtime partner the Sallan Foundation, these findings were published in 2008 in “Decoding the Code: How Can  NYC’s 2007 Building Code Meet PlaNYC 2030 Energy/Carbon Reduction Goals?”

We also strive to build and maintain strong relationships with members of the commercial real estate sector. It’s from these people — many of whom are early adopters of performance-enhancing technologies and operations — that we draw inspiration for our initiatives. Through a Stakeholder process that we initiated in early 2007, our industry colleagues have identified research and training gaps that we have tried to fill.

We’ve found other ways of interacting with the industry. In early 2011, CUNY joined the newly-formed Urban Technology Innovation Center, with CIUS and BP Lab as the university’s primary member. Later that year, BP Lab became a Founding Academic Partner of Honest Buildings, a ground-breaking website that we believe can revolutionize how real estate owners and managers identify pathways for performance improvement, share and analyze building data, and showcase results.