Application Notes & Measurement Protocols

The Lending Library application notes & measurement protocols describes measurement tips for specific building applications using tools from the CUNY Field Equipment Lending Library (FELL). The application notes serves as a primer for first-time users and as a reference for experienced users needing help with identifying specific operations.

Variable Frequency Drive

A variable frequency drive or variable speed drive is a type of adjustable speed drive used in electric mechanical systems to control motor speed and torque by varying accordingly to the input or set-point indicated.

Click here for the Variable frequency drive monitoring slide deck, with tips on how to monitor VFD’s within your facility.

Equipment to use:

Application: Electrical
Tool: Dent Elite Pro Energy Logger
Application: Motor
Tool: Motor on/off status
Application: Water systems
Tool: Ultrasonic flow meter

Steam Traps

A steam trap primary mission is to remove condensate and prevent air from escaping from the distribution system. Monitoring these traps and identifying which one’s need to be replaced are crucial for an efficient steam system.

Click here for the Steam trap monitoring slide deck, with tips on how to monitor steam traps within your facility.

Equipment to use:

PageLines- Fluke_Ti400_Thermal_Camera.jpg PageLines- Leak-Detectors-CTRL-UL101.jpg prod-rmt-acoustic-discrete-ps708-wi-front
Application: Overheated equipment
Tool: Thermal Image Camera
Application: Mechanical components
Tool: Ultrasound leak detector
Application: Steam trap monitoring
Tool: Acoustic Transmitter

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce risks of indoor health concerns.

Click here for the Indoor air quality slide deck, with tips on how to improve air quality within your facility.

Equipment to use:

Application: Airborne particle concentration
Tool: Particle counter
Application: Carbon dioxide
Tool: Carbon dioxide logger
Application: Carbon monoxide
Tool: Carbon monoxide meter
Application: Ventilation system
Tool: Hot wire anemometer


With Lighting equipment you can track light fixtures illuminance intensity, lighting color temperature output, also record light fixtures run-time providing you with information on how they are operating and potentially see were to approach energy savings.

Click here for the Lighting slide deck, with tips on various lighting applications.

Equipment to use:

PageLines- LT300_LightMeter.jpg PageLines- HOBO-UX90-Occupancy-Light-Logger_UX90-006M.jpg PageLines- CL200AChromaMeter.jpg
Application: Light Levels
Tool: Light level meter
Application: Light on/off – Occupancy
Tool: Occupancy/light data logger
Application: Light temperature color
Tool: Color/temperature meter
  PageLines- HOBO-Pendantsup-sup-Temperature-Light-Data-Logger-64K-UA-002-64.jpg
Application: Light intensity
Tool: Temp/Light Level

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