Application Notes & Measurement Protocols

The Lending Library application notes & measurement protocols describes measurement tips for specific building applications using tools from the CUNY Field Equipment Lending Library (FELL). The application notes serves as a primer for first-time users and as a reference for experienced users needing help with identifying specific operations.


With Lighting equipment you can track light fixtures illuminance intensity, lighting color temperature output, also record light fixtures run-time providing you with information on how they are operating and potentially see were to approach energy savings.

Click here for the Lighting slide deck, with tips on various lighting applications.

Equipment to use:

PageLines- LT300_LightMeter.jpg PageLines- HOBO-UX90-Occupancy-Light-Logger_UX90-006M.jpg PageLines- CL200AChromaMeter.jpg
Application: Light Levels
Tool: Light level meter
Application: Light on/off – Occupancy
Tool: Occupancy/light data logger
Application: Light temperature color
Tool: Color/temperature meter
  PageLines- HOBO-Pendantsup-sup-Temperature-Light-Data-Logger-64K-UA-002-64.jpg
Application: Light intensity
Tool: Temp/Light Level

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