Register for BOC Maintenance of Certification Classes

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Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017
Session 1: 9 am – 12 pm
Session 2: 1 – 4 pm
CUNY School of Professional Studies, 119 West 31st Street
Located between 6th & 7th Avenues, steps from Herald Square (map)
How to Register:
Choose from two classes – Boiler Plant Optimization or Intro Solar PV & Solar Thermal. Each session is worth 3 renewal points. Both classes are offered in the morning and the afternoon. You may take a morning and an afternoon class, but be sure not to register for more than 1 class during a session. Click through to read a description of the classes and register for them:
Please email us at or leave a voicemail at 646-844-4808. Be sure to tell us your name, agency and the best way to reach you. Emails and voicemails will be returned within 2 business days.

BOC Renewal FAQs

What if I already earned the renewal points I need at the MOC Fair, or by taking an eligible continuing education class, or by taking BOC Bulletin quizzes? Then you can ignore this email – but if you completed an eligible continuing class or took quizzes, please be sure to email us at to let us know.
How many classes do I need to take to renew? Assuming you have kept your certification up to date and you are currently employed, you need to earn:
  • 3 points for BOC-Level I
  • 8 points for BOC-Level II

Each 3-hour session is worth 3 points. BOC-Level I holders need to take ONE 3-hour class to renew. BOC-Level II holders can take multiple 3-hour classes and/or earn points through the other means that are outlined below.

What if my certification has lapsed?  You must earn points for every year it has lapsed in addition to the points you need for 2017 in order to renew for 2017. If you don’t know whether your certification has lapsed, contact us at the information below. Learn more about renewal requirements here.
Besides attending MOC classes, what are other ways I can earn renewal points? You have several options:
What will BOC renewal cost me?* If you are an employee of the following agencies, your agency will pay the $45 fee, and renewal will cost you nothing:
  • Dept. of Education
  • Dept. of Citywide Administrative Services
  • New York Botanical Garden
  • Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene
If you are an employee of the following agencies, you are responsible for paying the $45 fee:
  • Dept. of Corrections
  • Human Resources Administration
* If you are an employee of any other agency, please be in touch with your superior or Energy Manager to find out if your agency will pay the fee.