Paul Reale, Director of Building Operations Research

Paul Reale manages projects with key enabling technologies that improve building operational energy efficiency. Before joining BPL, Paul’s private consulting practice involved a wide range of issues regarding building sustainability and energy efficiency, including specific building projects, free cooling of electronics, green leasing techniques and extensive work as an instructor. Among many audiences and topics, Paul has taught building operators about sustainable and energy efficient practices, as well as having taught architects and engineers about energy code. He also guides teachers in enhancing their instruction techniques, and over the years he has spoken publicly on related issues and at countless venues.

Paul also founded a unique energy efficiency start-up that he ran for several years that focused on residential energy with utilities as his clients.

His engineering experience started at Bell Laboratories, and he holds a Masters of Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Finally, with awareness of the extensive opportunities for enhanced building energy efficiency in the New York metropolitan area, he finds it remarkable that New York City buildings score so well relative to buildings across the U.S.

Contact Paul

Phone: 917-699-3161
Email: paul.reale[at]