Field Equipment Lending Library: A Public Resource

BPL Technology Specialist Honey Berk gives a live demonstration of Lending Library equipment.

BPL Technology Specialist Honey Berk gives a live demonstration of Lending Library equipment.

BPL is excited to announce the establishment of our new Field Equipment Lending Library, funded in large part with the generous support of NYSERDA, the NYC DCAS Energy Management Division and the NYC Department of Education’s Division of School Facilities. In line with our mission, this new resource is available to industry professionals, current students and alumni of our energy management courses, and workforce development organizations to help advance high-performance building operations and practices in the existing commercial and public real estate markets.

The new library is stocked with a full range of field equipment that can be used to test, measure and diagnose building system operations and facilitate ongoing commissioning, building re-tuning and retrofit projects.  Available Lending Library equipment includes HOBO® data loggers, CO2 meters, contact and infrared thermometers, ultrasonic non-intrusive flow meters, bolometers and chroma meters. In addition, we have a variety of simulation and diagnostic software that can be used onsite at BPL.

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Accessing the Library

A comprehensive online catalog of the Library is available “HERE. Alternately, you can download the catalog in PDF format.
BP Lab personnel are available to help area professionals with the selection of equipment to help diagnose the problems they are experiencing in their buildings, and to provide training on the specific tool that will be used on site.
Location: 101 west 31st street, 7th floor, New York, NY, 10001
Please contact for more information:
Honey Berk, BPL Technology Specialist | 212-652-2041
Felix Rodriguez, BPL Equipment Specialist | 212-652-2014

Company’s Authorization Letter | Field Equipment Request Form | Field Equipment Case Study Form

June 2014 update! In FY2014 we added lots of new equipment to the Library. Start putting them to use!