Top Five Reasons To Invest in Building Efficiency Training

In addition to enjoying steeply discounted tuition through our NYSERDA-funded subsidy program, here are five more reasons to invest in energy-efficiency training:

1.) Demand for energy efficiency in New York City is high — and growing. In the face of major climate events like Superstorm Sandy, the City is prioritizing improving building performance and increasing energy efficiency. New York City’s “Greener, Greater Buildings” legislation requires all buildings over 50,000 square feet to undergo regular energy audits and retro-commissioning procedures.

2.) Advanced energy efficiency training can increase the resiliency and value of facilities and reduce energy costs. According to Energy Star, “Businesses that lead in energy efficiency use about 30% less energy than their competitors. Reducing energy use 30% lowers operating costs by $25,000 per year for every 50,000 square feet of typical office space.”

3.) Employers need front-line building professionals with experience in the latest building optimization and energy efficiency technologies, practices, and protocols to meet these new challenges and these new opportunities.

4.) Energy efficiency savings translate into direct NET bottom-line increases – how many additional items must a company sell, or units must be built, in order to capture the same additional net profit as an energy-saving retrofit?  Get more out of your existing assets.

5.) Staying up-to-date on the latest energy efficiency technologies, practices, and regulations can help you advance your career and give you an edge in the marketplace for clients, jobs, and new business opportunities. 

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