Undergraduate & Graduate Student Programs

Michael Bobker with former BP Lab intern Marlon Harewood.

Over the years, BPL has developed a robust student program that is designed to foster the next generation of building professionals and energy engineers. Our goal is not only to deliver hands-on experience in the form of internships, but to help students put what they’re learning in context. We think of these opportunities as structured experiential learning.

Beyond internships, BPL has supported the development of programs across the university that engage students around building performance issues and expose them to building energy expertise. Some of the programs we have supported include:

Bronx Community College’s Associate in Applied Sciences Degree in Energy Services and Technology: this specialized building science technology program was created to give students a broad basis for many career tracks in the buildings sector.

New York City College of Tech’s Fuse Lab: made possible with a National Science Foundation grant, this lab will teach students advanced technical skills at an Associate Degree level.

CUNY Service Corps: created in response to Hurricane Sandy, Service Corps aims to place CUNY students from all colleges and many educational backgrounds in paid internships that support New York City’s efforts to become more resilient and sustainable in the face of climate change.


Former BP Lab intern Zachary Wasserman works on a wind experiment.

At the core of BP Lab’s mission is support for the citywide effort to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings as well as developing a workforce to manage those buildings for peak performance. Since 2006, the internship program has placed CUNY students in a variety of energy measurement, property management, and research projects.

We like to boast that our interns “don’t fetch coffee.” Instead they get valuable, hands-on experience that will prepare them for careers in building services, energy management, property/facility management, real estate finance, and building engineering. Over the year, BP Lab interns have energy benchmarked New York City public schools, written research papers, prepared case studies of major energy reduction projects, and assessed buildings for LEED status. Once a successful project or semester is under their belts, we try to challenge students with a new assignment. One of our biggest intern success stories is that of Daniella Leifer, who began as a BPL intern when she was getting her MBA at Baruch College and now is a key member of the BPL team as Manager of Training and Compliance.

“We’ve had such success in such a short amount of time with our interns.  We’d keep them forever if we could,” Alice Cook, Time Equities’ Director of Sustainability, said. Other employers have included:

Training and mentoring that students receive through the program build on and supplement academic programs across CUNY, including engineering, architecture and architectural technology computer sciences, business, and urban planning. An internship is the start of a career ladder that has led, for many of our students, from an associate degree program to a bachelor’s degree program, and beyond.

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